Walking, and exploring, Modern Day ruins

German pill box, in Lundøya, Norway

German pill box, in Lundøya, Norway

I am still enjoying, as ever, my great adventure up here in North Norway. Vilde, and her family, are the best hosts one could ever ask for. Norwegian hospitality at its finest.

So, the other day, we went for a walkabout on this lovely island, Lundøya. You might be confused about the “modern day ruins” I have in the subject, but here it goes.

Well, in this case, it is the German World War II installations that are still around the island, and occassionlly pop up on your travels here in Norway as a whole.

When Norway is invaded, Hitler was very worried that Churchill would launch his attack in Norway, and not in Normandy. And with good reason. The British it their upmost to make it look like the case. In Norway, they installed pill boxes, coastal artillery, and look out posts all across the coast line, to wait for an invasion, that never came by sea.

After the war, a lot of these were destroyed, but some were demilitarised, and then left, and Father Time slowly, but surely, letting them crumble with Nature abounding them, and eventually, them becoming a part of Nature.

They become a great dwelling for many creatures and flora. It’s in this light, I find them not a blight on the countryside, but in a way quite beautiful. War is nasty business, but in the end, life takes over, it grows in the most unlikely of places, and the places take on a whole new meaning.

If you do ever spot one on your travels, in Norway, or indeed the rest of Europe, it is worth a look. Both daunting, and full of hope, at the same time.

Camping in North Norway


Well, it’s late at night, and I am shattered. Shattered, however, in a good way.

Two days ago, I went up to the nearby mountain here at Lundøya, Norway, called “Linken”, and then, halfway up the mountain, me and Vilde, went off the beaten track following markers to find ‘Storvatnet’.

Storvatnet is a lovely fresh water lake, deep within the mountains, but you did have to take the path less travelled to get there. Packed like a Mule, in the 30 degree heat, this wasn’t an easy challenge. I wished for death on more than one occasion, and was reminded constantly that yes, I am indeed thirty. However, with the aid of some verbal encouragement, I pulled, pushed, walked, and crawled up to the top, and the minute I walked between two cliff sides and saw it, I was dumbfounded.

No matter how much money you have, how important you are, or whatever you aspire to be, there is nothing like being in the mountains, with the most amazing view, and you are the only ones there. You feel like the only people on the planet.


After setting up camp, and making a fire for dinner, we sat, drinking some beer, eating some grilled pork and polar bread, sharing a fresh pot of tea, with some grilled corn on the cob, looking over this fantastic site, with a sense of euphoria. There is no feeling better than this.

The Campfire and the Lake

The Campfire and the Lake

We popped down for a swim, which was a welcome release from the 30 degree heat, and then listened to music, waiting for the sun to set, that would we knew would never come.

An evening by the fire, with a nice pot of tea

An evening by the fire, with a nice pot of tea

Waking up bright and early at 0600, I went for morning swim, feeling like I was king of the world, and the only one left at the same time.

The walk was hard, but indeed worth it. Bergen is a lovely city, but it is just a city. If you come to Norway, leave Bergen, and Oslo, and all the cities behind…. They aren’t Norway. Come to the country, leave civilisation to the others, and just let this amazing country into your heart.

I have always loved camping. It brings back fond memories of me and my Granddad, going to Wales, or Norfolk, or Cornwall, in a tent, and I would listen intently to his stories, mesmerised by his tales of his Air Force days. It the main reason I, from a very early age, wanted to join the Military. I wanted to make a difference, and if I could do half of what my Granddad had done, I had done very well indeed.

The relationship between my Grandparents and camping has always been present. Camping and caravanning was a big part of my easter and summer holidays. I even remember, when Princess Di died, I was told by my Nanna, as me, my Granddad, and my brother were camping in the garden that morning. (My generations ‘Where were you when…. moment)

I have never lost that feeling, of how lucky I was to have amazing Grandparents to take us on holidays around the UK.

Spending time with my Grandparents two weeks ago, when I was back in Cambridgeshire was fantastic, it was lovely going out for dinner with them, and great to squeeze in two games of Golf in! However, that was another thing that indeed reminded me that I am now, in fact thirty, and no longer twenty! Thank you for being just perfect.

And yes, Granddad, I still have a swiss army knife :)

Why I love Cambridge Airport, and why you should too

Cityjet fokker 50, ready and waiting at CBG (Cambridge) airport

Cityjet fokker 50, ready and waiting at CBG (Cambridge) airport

Cityjet, arriving ten mins early, at Amsterdam

Cityjet, arriving ten mins early, at Amsterdam


I am still off having my fantastic second holiday, up here in the North of Norway, and loving it.

However, even though I have travelled now to fifty countries (very pleased to have bagged my 50th last year, being ‘Oman’), I am in fact a Cambridgeshire boy, born and bread…. apart from a small stint in Swindon, Wiltshire when I was 11 till I was 14.

Now, it may seem strange to some, but many people in Cambridge do not know we have an International Airport right on our doorstop. Not as in “Stansted Airport”, which is 45 mins away, but as in “Cambridge”. So, I thought I’d write a bit about this airport, and why in all my travels it has gained a soft spot in my heart, because while I have done a lot of travelling….. I do hate the usual pitfalls with travelling!

I mean, really. Who likes airports? They are loud, annoying, confusing, and many people that are there are as equally as confused as you, trying to get from ‘Gate 1, Terminal 1′ to ‘Gate 83, terminal 5′ for a connecting flight within 7 minutes. Not an easy challenge for Superman, but a bloody amazing feat for any mere human! Parking is a nightmare, and public transport in this country that we call Britain, is…. well, hardly reliable. Add all of these to the stress to make sure you need to catch a flight on-time…. It is hardly an enjoyable experience.

Cambridge Airport, in all of these regards, really bucks the trend. With 2x Daily flights to Dublin, and in my case more importantly, 2 x daily fights to Amsterdam, it’s a God send.

Having a local airport that is within stones throwing distance to my home town, but connects to one of the busiest, but also one of the easiest, airports is fantastic. From Cambridge, I can fly to the USA, to Europe (for Norway, the flights work great with City Jet and KLM), and beyond, it is spectacularly easy to fly, because it connects to Amsterdam as a Hub! So many options, without any of the hassle. Check in your bags at Cambridge to your final destination, and get all of your boarding passes done and dusted with ease, and then just fly through Amsterdam to your final destination.

But the real beauty with this airport, is because of its size. Last week, I arrived, was checked in, gone through security, and at the gate with a coffee and a newspaper, all within four mins. Four minutes! Now, there are not many airports that can offer that ease of travel, and take the usual stresses, and make it a breeze – but also offer ideal connections.

Combine the above with the outstanding standards of City Jet, it really is a no brainer for anyone travelling from Cambridge, and the surrounding area.

Quick, efficient, helpful, and connected to one of the world’s best connected Airports on the planet.

You can’t get better than that.

…And no, this isn’t an advert :) However, when you experience a good thing, and no one seems to know about it, it just needs to be shared.

Visit Cambridgeairport.com, and give it a go. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Fishing Trip in North Norway

Lundøya, Norway

Lundøya, Norway

A shopping trip, and coffee, at Mosjøen, Norway

A shopping trip, and coffee, at Mosjøen, Norway

3/4's of "Team Fishing"

3/4’s of “Team Fishing”

Well, what a great day! Started off with a stiff coffee, and a back stretch (Still recovering from both the long road trip, and the mountain we walked up yesterday), but then went into town for shopping supplies, and of course, more coffee.

Mosjøen is a lovely wee town, everything that you need, and very ‘quaintly’ Norwegian. Just want you want in a beautiful and busy Coastal town!

Then, after some lovely Mackerel (I differ from my Mum and Dad on this one, and take after my Granddad… Love the stuff) we went out to refill the fish stocks in the Fridge.

If you love sea fishing, you will love the North. Not five minutes went past without a bite… An amazing experience. Plentiful fish, amazing scenery, the sea, and great company…. What more could a sailor want? Rum, of course…. but I came unprepared :)

I then attempted to drive the tractor back…. I am not the natural talent that is ‘Captain Vilde’, but I did excel in the acrobatic “diving into, and immediately back out of, a moving tractor” part of the course. So, at least I have some awesome skills :)

Well, time for cake :) And you can never have too much cake :)

A Youtube video of my Photos from my epic roadtrip to the North of Norway!

A video collection, compiled and uploaded from my BlackBerry, travelling from Bergen to summer adventures in the North of Norway, just off the Arctic circle.

Well, it was a *very* long trip. About 19 hours. However, whilst I was definitely drained afterwards, the scenery is just so amazing, and so diverse! One minute hilly mountains, the fjords, then stone and snow, then flat farm land, and all over again!

To anyone thinking about doing it, just do it. Travel up north, book a Cabin, and just trust me…. you won’t regret it!

To all that read this blog, hope you’re having a relaxing and fantastic Summer too! If not, i’ll relax just a little bit extra on your behalf :)


Road Trip! Past the Arctic circle!

Road trip map

Road trip map

Well, I’m back to Bergen after my adventures across My home town of Ely, and around Cambridge. So, I’m after a flight from Cambridge to Amsterdam, then Amsterdam back to Bergen, I’ve had a rest for half a day, and now off for a 19 hour roadtrip :)

I’ve been to the Arctic circle before, but never in the summer, so this time, it’s a couple of weeks in Lundøya.

The idea of travelling this long in the car does slightly bring me out in hives. However, really looking forward it! Fishing, boating, hill walking, and the occasional beer. Life sounds good!

I’ll post the photos when I get them!

Have a great summer!!!!


Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire

Well, time for my holiday, and after a year of travelling, I’ve decided to return to my home town of Ely, in Cambridgeshire, and spend a relaxing couple of weeks before I return to Norway and spend a couple of weeks up in the North of Norway. So, all good!

Well, all I can say is that Ely has changed a hell of a lot. The pubs have all had a lick of paint, and serving some fantastic beers, wines, and some amazing local food. However, i’m not too shocked really, because the last time I was properly in Ely was in 2002, so it’s been a while!

However, on this adventure back, there has been a star born in Ely. If you are ever here, a visit to “poets house” is a must. Amazing, world class cocktails, in an environment that is impeccable, with a service to match. There has been a need for something of this standard in Ely, and they have achieved it.

Whenever I do come home, I have to admit, it’s not only to see my family. It’s also to have curry. I am Kieren, and I’m a curryaholic. And you can’t go wrong with “le spice”. Fantastic food, and keeps this Englishman sane during his travels!

Sorry for the delay in the postings, but I’ve been having too much fun :)

Have a great summer!